Hi folks, Inger here.  Recently, Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology posted on Facebook about some soaps I’d sent as a gift.  I was overwhelmed and delighted by the response of his readers, they were truly some of the most beautiful and heart-swelling compliments I’ve received about something I’ve made.  As I explained in the comments to that post, to get the design I wanted meant making a large slab of about 40 soaps and within an hour or two the remainder had sold!  This took me by surprise as I hadn’t made plans for them or even thought to sell them.

After some time with pen and paper I realized I can make these again to be ready for holiday gift giving.  I’ll post here and on Facebook about the process which begins with making soap that can be molded into individual planets and ends with making a large batch of multi-colored soap to create a fantastic stardust swirl.

Stay tuned!