We are currently building a little shop to go with our little blog. As with most things, we are doing this ourselves and it may take a week or two to have everything right as rain. We’ve investigated different ways to get to where we want to be and decided that, with our current skills and resources, sticking with WordPress is our best option along with a handy plugin called WP eStore*. This will give us product pages and a shopping cart in the right sidebar while allowing the blog to remain the same.

We plan to use the USPS for shipping and PayPal for payments. There will be much researching of shipping options and how to use flat rate for some of the heavier products such as honey and bath soaks while still being able to take advantage of priority mail for lighter shipments.

For now we are busily taking pictures of our product when the lighting agrees and doing some behind the scenes work on shipping and sales tax and such, all the while thinking about blog posts we might have missed during the busy season and the lack of much besides housekeeping and maintenance during the not-quite-as-busy season. We plan to be back soon with something to share. Thanks for visiting.

* Scratch that. I tried to work with WP eStore, but am not able to make the shipping module work the way I would like. I very much like the plug in and wanted it to work for us and honestly can’t say if it’s the plug-in or lack of skill on my part.