As this is our first post, it seems fitting to share a little about ourselves and our activities. Our family consists of Stuart, myself and our daughter. We share a small holding in the Shenandoah Valley where we keep bees and chickens. We grow some of our food and attempt each year to grow a little more and preserve what comes from our garden and the farmers market by canning, drying or lacto-fermentation.

Much of the writing will be done by me with an occasional appearance by Stuart or our daughter. We will surely be writing about bees, particularly during their busiest season, as well as our flock of chickens, food, building, the markets at which we sell, and other interests to fill in some of the winter gaps. The variety of topics reflects that of our lives.

We came to our homestead hoping to gain some measure of simplicity and security in contrast to the dense suburbs from which we came. Our lives don’t necessarily appear simple, and indeed, there are many moving parts that contribute to the whole. This is the brilliance of a homestead, to our minds, that by its nature it provides many opportunities to support ourselves and serendipitous connections that help keep those parts moving.